Who You Going To Call? Call ILFY!

Welcome to the online home of ILFY… the epic frozen yogurt van that caters for a range of public and private events located in the South East Queensland (SEQ) region. ILFY stands for “I Love Frozen Yogurt” or “I Love Froyo” depending on your preference of wording 😉 Either way it’s frozen yoghurt like you’ve never had before! Feel free to take a look around our website to get acquainted with our products/services.

Our focus is to provide the healthiest and tastiest frozen yogurt possible from our mini frozen yogurt store on wheels, offering you the most refreshing and satisfying treat on any given day. In the past you may of considered hiring an ice cream van… and that’s all well and good… although times are a changing as we grow and develop into a more health conscious society… deep down we all know that health truly is the greatest wealth, however we shan’t forget that it must also taste great… And guess who’s here to deliver?

ILFY of-course! We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all that were involved in the making of this frozen yogurt masterpiece, your help was monumental and our appreciation is unconditional. And last, but definitely not least… we’d also love to thank everyone else for your continued support, our gratitude is eternal… without you none of this would be possible! Please call 0412783204 for all inquiries.

For Booking Enquiries/Confirmations
Please Call SANDRA on 0412783204