Frozen Yogurt Delivery Gold Coast

For those of you not in the know, the fruition of our much loved and highly anticipated frozen yogurt van was right here on the Gold Coast. This is where we started with our frozen yogurt catering services, and have since expanded with our extremely popular frozen yogurt delivery service… everyone is super stoked!

Similar to our Brisbane Frozen Yogurt delivery service, ‘Gold Coasters’ have the privilege of being within much closer proximity to our home base (and thus experience shorter lead times if we are in the area)… plus you get the bragging rights of being home to this amazing frozen yoghurt store on wheels creation.

Gold Coast really does have the ideal weather conditions for frozen yogurt all year round… after all… it’s beautiful one day, and perfect the next ­čśŤ So whether you’re staring out your office window down the southern part of the Gold Coast, or sweating it away in a factory up the northern part of the Gold Coast, or simply wondering what will cure your monday-itis… the word on the street, is we’ve got just the treat!

For Booking Enquiries/Confirmations
Please Call SANDRA on 0412783204