Mobile Ice Cream Van/Truck Hire

So I made this page specifically to address the people on Google searching for terms such as ice cream truck, ice cream van, ice cream van brisbane, ice cream van gold coast, and so forth… now why would I do such a thing? Well… the answer is quiet simple: to make the necessary introductions & generate business!

Now I know that you must be looking at this page wondering what a frozen yogurt van & frozen yogurt catering company has anything to do with hiring an ice-cream van? Truth be told… it’s the premium & healthier alternative… without the added price tag of-course 😛 And as the saying goes: That’s Gold!

Alright, so now back to business after that little interlude… after all, you are on the hunt to hire an ice cream van for for your next event! Now as opposed to opting for the somewhat outdated and unhealthy version, you’ve got a unique and privileged opportunity to hire a mobile ice cream van disguised as a frozen yogurt van… or is it the other way around? In any case it doesn’t matter… here’s the real deal:

We’ve worked long and hard to ensure our dessert menu caters to all tastes and crowds… not only have we got our traditional offering of “natural” frozen yogurt to offer you and your event goers, but we’ve also got our high protein frozen yogurt available… this is an extremely important note to consider as we want to make it very clear that this version tastes just like premium ice-cream/gelato, yet has the innumerable health benefits associated with it that soft-serve ice cream simply does not. Once again… That’s Gold!

So whether you are looking for ice cream van hire in brisbane, ice cream van hire in gold coast, or ice cream truck hire in the South East Queensland region… be sure to give us a call as we know our frozen desserts and can offer you something (not necessarily bigger)… yet definitely better 😉 -ILFY

For Booking Enquiries/Confirmations
Please Call SANDRA on 0412783204